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The "Turn-Key" Specialists

With a solid reputation and many years of experience designing and installing sophisticated data, communications and control systems, Industrial Performance Engineering provides an unparalleled resource for getting your automation or process control system up and running with optimum speed and efficiency.


Automation Performance Tuning

  • Detailed production and migration analysis for existing systems to increase productivity, quality and reliability
  • Fine tuning and optimization of existing automation systems
  • Enhancements and upgrades to existing lines without costly downtime

Extended Support Program

  • Custom communication interfaces
  • Application programming specific to clients’ needs
  • Training & orientation seminars
  • Ongoing remote support of installed systems "on-line"
  • Unlimited telephone support “Hotline”

Through our affiliations and strategic alliances we can also provide total electrical design, engineering and construction services. So whether you're planning an all new production facility, a new control system to enhance existing operations, or an integral multi-site data and reporting network, Industrial Performance Engineering is your Industrial Automation partner.

When the job is completed, we'll still be there to help maintain and upgrade your system. That's what we mean by "Turn-Key" ... the kind of total support that maximizes productivity, minimizes problems and keeps you a step ahead of the competition.


Areas of Expertise:

  Systems Design  
  Installation & Site Commissioning  
  Systems Implementation  
  Process Control and SCADA Systems  
  Discrete Manufacturing  
  Communication, Networking, and Reporting  
  Food Processing  
  Energy Efficient Systems  
  Optical Control Systems  
  Touch Automation  

Systems Design

  • System definition and feasibility studies
  • Cost justification
  • Functional specification
  • Computer-aided design
  • Vendor selection and procurement
  • Scheduling and implementation planning

Installation & Site Commissioning

  • Installation and wiring of all sensors, control devices, cabinets and workstations
  • On-site commissioning, debugging and validation services
  • Training and  final documentation
  • Full “Turn-Key” service

Systems Implementation

  • Computerized project management
  • Programming of all control devices – PLC’s, Robots, DCS, PC’s
  • Specialists in man/machine interface and colour graphic displays
  • Complete Panel shop facilities specializing in stainless steel and hazardous locations
  • Pre-installation checkout and testing

Process Control and SCADA Systems

  • Continuous and batch control systems
  • PLC and PC based
  • Instrumentation design services from sensor through to final control elements
  • SCADA systems for power utility and environmental clients
  • Raw material handling, processing/batching, packaging and warehousing systems
  • Broad experience in food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics and waste treatment

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Full-line controls including PLC’s, robots and more
  • Vision and Inspection Systems
  • SPC systems with on-line control and alarming
  • Material handling systems
  • Single source supply from concept to installation

Communication, Networking, and Reporting

  • Multi-vendor communication specialists
  • Plant-wide integration of data for all level of users
  • Local and wide area networks
  • Custom application programming and database implementation
  • Fibre-optic, wireless and web-based networks

Food Processing

With diverse experience in food processing automation, we can increase the efficiency and profitability of your food processing facility. Whether control systems, programmable instrumentation or equipment design, we are your food processing partner.

Previous food processing clients in Ontario and across Canada provide us with the experience your food processing facility is seeking. Whatever your final product is; from raw material handling through to all aspects of processing including final packaging and inspection, we make your food processing facility more efficient and profitable.

Energy Efficient Systems

We provide to our industrial clients systems that monitor and control all aspects of production equipment, facilities and energy conservation. Increasing efficiency increases profitability, and these control systems are designed to precisely match the demands of your production facility.

Optical Control Systems

Optical control systems based on the latest high speed camera and infrared sensor technologies provide fast paced monitoring ad control of production processes. These vision-based control systems are an excellent match for many of our industrial automation clients.

Touch Automation

At your fingertips. Touch screen technology provides the benefit of combining graphics driven controls with the input device. This automation graphic monitoring combination maximizes technology applications for your industrial automation projects

Communications & Existing Equipment Upgrades

Our expertise in communications has led to the development of over two dozen different drivers to the major PLC brands. Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Intelligent I/O devices and host computers. We will write, install, document a driver to any device installed on site, guaranteed. Don't throw away your existing controls! Let us modernize them for you at a fraction of the replacement cost.


We have full hardware capabilities that include the manufacture of customized co- processor boards and assemblies for communications plus complete hardware servicing for PC based control products. We manufacture a complete line of industry proven communications gateways and central server products.



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